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Welcome to my Chilli site. Thank you for taking some time to visit. Here you will find everything you need to know about my Chilli Sauces. You may remember me from bands such as Fuzigish, Leek and the bouncing uptones and the Slashdogs. Feel free to drop me a mail and order some of Big Willy's Chilli Sauce.

About my sauces

Hot Sauce

Introducing my Hot sauce, just hot enough to put some hair on your sack but not hot enough to make you reach for the milk. Goes great with Soups, Sandwiches beer and pretty much everything else.


Hotter Sauce

Warning only for real men (and woman) this sauce burns like the very depths of hell itself.  Be warned

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What our clients say

I love big  Willy’s Chilli Sauce.  Goes well with everything.  My favorite is soup!  Do yourself a favour and get a few bottles!

Aaron van der Linde Creative Director Zen Monkey Media Centurion
Aaron V Creative Director @ Zen Monkey Media

I love big willy’s! Best hot chilli sauce in the world.  I literally have it with everything

Big Willy's Chilli sauce Pretoria - Zen Monkey Media Centurion
Stephen Jerome CEO@google.com

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Choose your sauce

Choose your sauce

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A little more about us

Big Willy's Chilli sauces are 100% organic.
Absolutely zero preservatives, artificial colorants or flavourents are used.

Only organically grown chilli's and other ingredients are used.

  • 100% organic
  • Zero Preservatives
  • All of the good stuff
  • None of the bad
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Big Willy’s in the House!

Big Willy’s in the House – Welcome to Big Willy’s Chilli Oi Oi!! Thanks for visiting my site! Keep cruising and spread the word about my sauces people. Much appreciated. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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